A Slow Dinky President’s Day on the Forebay

The last decent day on the Forebay was a couple weeks ago when it was freezing cold and foggy all day. Today was the opposite. As cold as it was a couple weeks ago, it was equally too hot today. With 80 degrees highs and 60 degree water I wasn’t sure what the fish would be doing today. Reports from yesterday were slow on the forebay Last weeks rain left the water coffee brown with about two feet of visibility. I knew it would be challenging today and I got on the water at daybreak.

I fished the rock wall at Mederious to put some numbers up but no action at all for three hours. I moved to the flats and fished the holes in the flats with one follow to the boat. I switched to smaller flies, pulse discs, yellows, chartreuse, grays and black over white. I shot over to the 152 bridge to find some current. I found a small school of stripers fishing the edges of the trench and put 5 in the boat in an hours time. The rest of the day I caught nuthin and called it around 3PM. Next week I think Ill try the lake. The lake looks about 60% full and I noticed some trees in the water along the shoreline as well as the coves beginning to fill out around Dinosaur Point. Hopefully things will start picking up in the big lake.

I really worked over the new Ridge shooting lines and I like the no stretch feel of the lines; however, I still think mono shoots better. If you are within the 80 foot target, its better to have the ridge line than the mono. Also I tuned the “follow contour” on the ILink today. Its great to set the path you are fishing to a depth contour line and be able to hit anchor and then resume the track. I can’t wait for the Ulterra to arrive so I can auto deploy the motor.

It amazing what you can do with a few clips of dinks and some drone footage. What was a difficult day doesn’t look that bad in post production. I hope my memory is the same and these tough days on the lake will be remembered fondly in my old age. Landing a drone on a boat takes lots of practice. It’s an expensive mistake if you land the copter in the drink. With the Inspire one coming soon, I think its a good idea to practice lots of landing.

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