Cold Windy and Fishless…

P1070026I couldn’t wait to get back to the lake after spending the last 4 days in Eugene Oregon.  It was freezing in Eugene and I expected slightly warmer conditions in California,  but the overcast day was cold with a 5mph wind chill.  I had everything on and made the thousand casts hoping that would be enough to connect with one more giant.   There were only three boats on the lake today and the other two guys left by 11am.   I’m not sure if its the lake filling or the cold weather that has seemed to change things radically.  I didn’t even get a bump or a dink.   I did see a couple schools of fish on the finder in and around the islands near Romero but all the fish seemed to be very tight lipped.  No bites on slow and fast retrieves.  I think Ill have to try the forebay next week and see whatsgoing on there.  It looked low today,  The lake has risen about 5 feet since last week.








2 thoughts on “Cold Windy and Fishless…

  1. Hi Meng, it’s Rich, Steph’s buddy…almost hard to believe that you did not pick up any this week!

    Hope you don’t mind but I wanted to see if you might have some recommendations for a fly tying “kit” or what you would recommend as basic “must haves” that I was thinking of getting for my brother in-law. He’s down in New Zealand and we’ll be visiting over the Christmas holidays. Not sure how much he would get into tying his own flies but thought it might be a good little gift for him.



    • Hi Rich,
      Steph mentioned it to me also and I recommend that you put together a kit for him even though there are some nice kits available out there–orvis makes one. My favorite place to mail order is the CADDIS FLY SHOP in Oregon because you can buy it tax free and with free shipping. Also they have good prices. If you call them and tell them you are putting together a Basic Fly Tying Kit for a beginner, they will put one together for you with quality tools and a quality vice. Pick his favorite pattern and buy hooks and materials for that pattern. That would be a great start. The problem with the kits is that most of the tools and vice are pretty low quality. There are lots of inexpensive higher quality vices and tools out there.

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