In Touch Shooting Heads


Its been many years now that the most used fly lines that I own for Stripers have been home made  t-14 shooting heads. For a time,  I really liked the integrated fly lines made by Rio and Airflow.  Integrated fly lines are easy to handle, tangle less,  some don’t stretch and they have tapers on the 28-30 feet of head that help them layout and decrease dumping. The one thing they lack is the diameter to sink fast and the slickness for distance.   I came from mono shooting lines and I still prefer them to this day.  My favorite flavor of shooting line is minimum stretch mono called Lazar Line made by OPT.  The 50lb test is my favorite because the diameter helps keep it from tangling and is easier on the hands.


I recently started using Rio’s In Touch low stretch level titanium impregnated fly lines. Unlike Rios older level T series lines,  they are built on a non stretch core and have some texture to them.  Plus, the t-14 is now Dark Blue. Casting the In Touch shooting heads feels a bit different and setting is a bit better with the non stretch than the stretch.





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