My Theater Projector has a baby…

A couple weeks ago, I did some spring cleaning on my home theater to get ready for those great evenings on the deck watching baseball and movies. I definitely felt more comfortable in my new home theater after adding some great Movie Room Decorations. To my suprise, a dove had built a nest on the projector. I watched the dove for a couple day and one day I noticed the nest empty for a full day. I climbed the ladder and removed the nest, vacuumed out the projector and cleaned the bird crap off the projector cover which did a great job of protecting the electronics from the animal. The following day when I went out to turn the projector on, to my surprise, the dove was back sitting on the nest-less projector cover. I felt pretty bad about it so I coaxed the bird off the projector by just talking to her! After she flew off, I grabbed an empty bird nest from my lemon tree and climbed up the ladder to replace the nest that I destroyed the day before. When I got up the ladder, there was a single egg. sitting on the canvas. I had heard that just touching a fresh egg might make the mother abandon it, but I had no choice. I picked the egg up carefully and placed it in the new nest and set it firmly on the projector. Within an hour, the dove returned to the nest and sat on the egg after rearranging the nest a bit to make it more comfortable.

Gina named the bird “Dolly” and started talking to her every morning. When we came back from Charleston yesterday, Gina went out to check on the bird and noticed a new face. Dolly had a baby bird! Mother and baby bird are doing well.

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