Redfishing the Grass of Charleston South Carolina

Our daughter Mia graduated from her Dietetics Internship at the Medical University of South Carolina this past weekend. This program is necessary for Mia to practice as a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist. Also with her Masters in Nutrition from Columbia and her undergrad degree in Nutrition from Berkley, she is setting out to make her mark in the world.  This week, she will be making her 4th appearance on Carolina Today, a local tv station that really likes her.   She is quickly becoming one of the young stars of Charleston and she is also a member of the Charleston Grit-an elite blogging society in Charleston.

Gina and I love Charleston with its charming restaurants and enjoy the hospitality of the Zero George when we visit. Also, we had a chance to hang out with Mia’s Boyfriend Ryan who lives in Charleston.

I had planned to spend a couple days fishing with Jeremy of Charleston Shallows Fishing Charters, but it rained half the weekend and we only got one half day out and the tides were barely fishable. Nevertheless, he got me several shots at fish and we landed an nice one in a four hour period. It was a good day, but I didn’t time the trip for good conditions. The grass fishing for Redfish is certainly unique and is very different than Louisiana. The Reds are spookier in the shallow water and they cruise cautiously. It’s also very challenging on the guides to get you close but not to close to spook the fish.  I used a 9wgt  Helios 2 with a Rio Redfish Tropical Taper thats almost identical to a Rio Outbound Short.   It was great in the wind, but I think a full tapered line might be a better match for the spooky shallower cruising reds of the grasslands.  I haven’t fished it enough to be sure but with Mia possibly moving from Charleston,  my next visit my be to really fish and not visit her.

Jeremy flies a Phantom 4 drone that he let me fly and land from the boat.   The Phantom 4 is a great quad to fly and video with.  If I wasn’t so invested in equipment for the Phantom 3, I would consider getting one.  Still, the idea of buying one is growing on me.  Maybe Ill sell the Inspire and get one.  I find myself looking for portability on most of the shoots rather than the versatility that the Inspire gives me  with dual control.  Ill use whats easiest to transport with 4K Video the most.    The quality of the 4K on the Phantom 4 is more than enough for my fishing videos.




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