A Windy August Day on O’Neill Forebay

I spent a half day on the forebay this Saturday with Steve Sakamaki. In three weeks, we are heading to Bolivia for Golden Dorado. This morning at 5:00 am the winds were up about 20 mph and I hoped that they would die down by early morning but they didn’t. It was tough fishing the first couple hours but we returned to the highway 152 channel to fish the weedlines in the whitecaps and caught a few there before retreating to the northern rock wall near the powerplant. There was a decent current coming out of the powerplant but no schools of fish were metered in the area. We left the area and fished the Mederious Trench near Highway 33 and found a huge school of stripers moving along the weedlines. We stayed on them with the downscan and 360 sonars for 30 minutes and had a couple double hookups ending the day with three keepers. It was a busy day with lots of jet skis and people taking an hour to launch and land. It’s so much easier to fish the Forebay NOT on a Saturday.

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