A Great Week on the Oasis of the Seas.


Last week Gina and I took Mark and his Girlfriend Phoebe to the Caribbean on the biggest ship in the world. Its been years since our last cruise which was on the Disney Magic with the kids and we had high expectations for this cruise which marks our 15th cruise over the years. I give the Cruise an 8 out of 10 overall. The food was pretty good and abundant, Our rooms were comfortable and we had a blast. Their were about 5500 people on the boat and yet it didn’t seem very crowded. The Oasis definitely has some of the best specialty restaurants on the ocean. Plus there is a Johny Rockets, a great sushi restaurant, and pretty much food 24 hours a day with free room service and breakfast in bed every morning if you wanted it. Unlimited alcohol, specialty coffees, teas and vegetable fruit juices and smoothies kept us hydrated. And, it has the biggest floating fitness center and running track in the world for this the use of supplements is important, and you can learn more about this in a supplement site online, with their explanation online for this. Mark won the speed climbing contest on one of the  two rock climbing walls, and spent some time on on the Flow Rider, zip lines and putting greens on the ship. We played golf, shuffleboard, and ping pong as well as kicked back to some great comedy and family shows. The feature shows were as good as New York and there was always something to do. All I can say is its the most fun I’ve  had on the water not fishing! Gina and I enjoyed visiting the sites on the islands. On San Marteen, we entered an race designed like the amazing race which is Gina’s favorite show. The race was great fun and Gina got a taste of being on the “Amazing Race” as we ran around the city for miles visiting its landmarks and working challenges. Our team -The Ducks– came in second out of 12 teams. We had fun exploring Labadee, Haiti, St. Maarten, and Puerto Rico.

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