Vetrans Day 2016 on Oneill Forebay

I like fishing on Friday since Saturdays are usually pretty busy.  When I pulled up to the boat ramp at the Oneill Forebay ,  I was surprised to see 20 boats had beaten me out.  Then I remembered it was Veterans Day.  I spent the last week struggling with the decision to fish the delta with Wayne for a day but the  two hour trailering of the boat in both directions and the having to get re inspected for Quagga Mussels to fish San Luis made me choose to fish the forebay or lake this weekend.    Many large fish are being caught in the delta this week .   Eventually , ill make it over there but until I can figure out a convenient way to keep a boat over there,  I think I’ll keep fishing the forebay and reservoir till it gets slow.

Today, I found most of the fish in the Flats in 8 feet of water.  One of these days,  i might get bored catching 17 inch stripers but I still enjoy catching lots of them with a nice amount of keepers over 18 inches.   A day of fishing catching over 30 stripers and coming home and having a couple for dinner is my idea of a good day.    The fish were hitting light today.   Not many of the fish committed suicide on the fly.   I caught several fish right at the boat as the fly rose and sat a foot from the top.   Its a good idea to keep an eye on the fly all the way to the top.

The forebay was a couple feet lower than last week but the weather was great, with warm temperatures and no wind.   I stuck with small yellow and white fishmask rear weighted craft fur clousers size one.

4 thoughts on “Vetrans Day 2016 on Oneill Forebay

  1. Thanks for that info. I did not know that. Im looking forward to seeing Ed on the lake soon when he gets back to the bay area from Idaho. Ed certainly know the lake and forebay as does his son.

  2. I think we saw you on veterans day.Remember that all veterans get a free pass on parking and launching that day.That may be the reason that there were so many boats there. My fishin’ bud and I are members of the Salinas valley Fly Fishers.It’s the club that Ed Givens started in 1965.We fished on 11/11 and11/13 and had good numbers on both days but not too many keeper size fish. I am planning to go back on friday 11/18 if the weather is O.K.

  3. Meng
    Cool blog site.Nice Mixture between fly fishing, wine making and IT spot.

    Fantastic Veteran day flyfishing!
    When you getting hit with those 17 inchers again, how about using a 5 or 6 WT fly rod with T-8 shooting head. The head shake vibration would be amp up and so would be the fun factor.

    .I was intrigue with the rear weighted Closuer flies, Could this be the CG point of the fly? Which helps the fly to turn on a dime. You mention that fly is level during the drop that made me think this is the CG point of the fly. If it wasn’t then it would of drop tail down first. Kudo on the fly design

    It was cool bumping to you at Bass Pro flyshop and talking about flyfishing on the surf and strippers.

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