April Fools Day on the Lake

I had such high hopes for todays fishing with some great reports on the lake in the last few days. Vaughn had a stellar day a few days ago landing over 20 fish with some big ones-three on the reel. Steve H was anxious to catch any fish in the big lake so we decided to meet and fish the spots the Vaughn recommended. We fished the Lake hard today from 7am to noon. I dont think there has ever been a day where I fished almost every cove in the lake when full but today, we made the rounds. Maybe it was the lack of wind that turned the fishing off in the main lake but it was not productive at all even though we saw plenty of opportunity on the fishfinders. The only fish we saw caught all day was by the trash racks. A couple guys caught a couple shakers on umbrella rigs trolled on downriggers near the trash racks. The lake is tough right now for flyfishermen. I think its a matter of finding a school of hungry fish when the conditions are just right and the schools move. I saw schools on the 360 fish finder that were moving pretty fast. So fast as to not be able to catch two fish out of one moving school unless you were following them.

At noon, we got desperate to catch a fish and went over to the forebay to pull on some dinks. We got a couple on the Rock Wall at Mederious but no where else and the fishfinder was pretty blank in the flats and in the deep trenches. It was a discouraging day to say the least. the water in the Forebay is still muddy. It may be like that for months with the runoff coming. I hoe the weeds fill in soon, I think we need that to help the baitfish populations and the minnow bite.

The Ducks almost made it. Leading #1 North Carolina by 8 points at one time, they lost by one point with several chances to win at the last minute. It would have been glorious but there goes my bracket. I ended up with a bracket score of 93, beating Mark and Ryan who had a 65 and 62 score. But beating us all with the winning bracket score of 95 was Mia who picked Carolina teams and knows nothing of basketball. Like fishing, its better to be lucky than skillful. Tomorrow is our last regular season Warriors Game which should be fun.

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