Meh II

Another meh day at the Lake and Forebay makes me want to skip it a couple weeks. Weather could not have been better but the fish were there and tight lipped. I concentrated on the Bay of Pigs to Loan Oak Bay trying to find those schools of fish that Ken and Vaughn got into last week with no luck. Maybe I did find the fish but they certainly were not eating. I switched up the flies and lines, going from large to small and fishing a T-11 and T-14 over marks on the sonar with very little interest.

I chased some large schools of Shad around and I know I got some shad flies in the schools but they aren’t eating yet. I also cast some big flies around the schools in case there were big stripers following. I also had a big swimbait that I tried for half and hour throwing at the schools of shad and letting it sink underneath the schools like wounded shad. The shad are eating size for 30 plus stripers–about 6 inches long I estimate.

I ended the day with 6 dinks- three from the lake and three from the forebay. Its just not like it was last year. Not even close. Ive fished the lake and forebay for years and have not had two consecutive weeks this slow. Maybe its all me and Im in a slump. But I did even resort to trolling and umbrella rig for awhile and fishing white flukes with a spinning rod for awhile like I use to do in the old days and still no joy. I guess Im use to those 30 big fish days at the trash racks last year and dinks dont cut it anymore. I think Ill rest it a couple of weeks till the water clears and weeds start to grow in the forebay. The lake has me frustrated.

I got some drone shots on the lake and discovered that the Mavic Drone’s default frequency interferes with the Min Kotta Wireless remote for the Ipilot. When the drone is flying, you can’t move the boat with the trolling motor unless you use the foot pedel. I finally figured out how to change the Frequency on the Drone and now have them both working.

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