Mia Syn in the Huffington Post

MIa Syn was quoted in the Huffington Post recently.    It was great having her home these last few seeks while she did some work for Good Day Sacramento CBS Local  last week.

“Can You Take Your Kids to Mickey D’s And Not Feel Guilty?”

“As a dietitian, I am happy to see the nutrition evolution of McDonald’s menu. Small changes are steps in the right direction,” says Mia Syn, MS, RD, head of Nutrition By Mia LLC and host of Good Food Friday on ABC affiliate WCIV-TV in Charleston, SC. “While I am happy to see produce continuing to make its way onto the McDonald’s menu, I think these efforts can be directed elsewhere too, particularly the big ticket items like your Big Mac, McNuggets and French fries. These are the items that I believe consumers are seeking when they go to McDonald’s — not a salad or yogurt.

To really move the bar, Syn says McDonald’s needs to focus on “achieving the same great taste that people know and love in these items while lowering saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium levels. Changing people’s eating behaviors is difficult but doing what you can to improve what the majority are consuming is where a huge positive impact can be made in the health of billions of consumers.”

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