From HOT to Cold in 4 days

I fished San Luis Reservoir today eager to continue last Mondays luck, but to my surprise the fishing turned off in only 4 days. Tim Anderson and I looked high and low for bait and bigger fish with only a couple keepers and a bunch of “rats” to show. The only difference between Sunday and Friday as I saw it was a little more wind, and a 3 foot drop in the lake level. I fished in all the spots that I saw bait last Sunday and was not able to mark even a minnow. There was less green muck on the water and the boat was rockin’ and rollin’ in the 10mph NE wind. Ill try again later this weekend to see if can turn on as fast as it turns off.

I got so frustrated by 11:00am that I pulled the boat and went over to the Forebay thinking that the water being pumped out of the Lake might turn on the fishing in the channel. I tried every spot I could think of on the Forebay and didnt get a single fish or hit. Its more of a desert there than the lake. No schools of fish at all.

At the end of the day I noticed my 3 year old Ulterra was giving me a motor error when I stowed it.  On Saturday, after Jim Cramer’s memorial service,  I took the thing apart and couldnt  repair it.  I think its a critical malfunction.  After scouring the internet for a possible solution,  I discovered a couple people complaining of Ulterra failures and discovered that the engine has been redesigned since 2015.  I guess its time for an update.   Unfortunately,  I cant fish till I replace the trolling motor.  I sure do appreciate the ability to spot lock and program a slow shoreline path while I fish.  Its like hiring a guide to put you on the fish.  Ill check with Bass Pro Shop to see if they have one or order one tomorrow

Whats improved in the  Newer Ulterras

  • Quieter motors
  • Better Foot pedal Design
  • New Ipilot Link built in.  If you want the new Ipilot, you have to buy a 2017 or newer Ulterra.   You cant upgrade a 2016 or earlier Ulterra to the new Ipilot link and its improved features.

Improvements to IPILOT for 2017

Completely redesigned remotes. The new i-Pilot remote features a 33% larger LCD screen with full visibility in sunlight. They’ve also improved the user menus, making it easier to use. The i-Pilot Link remote now features a larger, full color touchscreen and a separate keypad for the most commonly used controls. Both remotes include an integrated battery meter so you’re always in touch with remaining power.

Bluetooth. With the introduction of Bluetooth, Minn Kota debuts a new smartphone app that enables command of steering, speed, Spot-Lock, rabbit mode, and Advanced Auto-Pilot. And you can now easily download any software updates or new features easily via your phone.

Reinvented Spot-Lock. The new spot-lock has been completely overhauled and improved with new hardware, software and algorithms. The result is increased accuracy to the original anchor point, the ability to better control boat position, and the ability to “jog” five feet in any direction.

Heading Sensor. Now an included accessory on all i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link motors, Minn Kota’s Heading Sensor is a bluetooth enabled device that allows your boat position to be factored into motor operation. This in turn enables the “jog” feature. Heading Sensor connects to your motor via a bluetooth connection, and is powered by connecting to one of your 12v batteries.

Circle Mode and Humminbird Virtual Remote. I-Pilot Link now includes the ability to choose a spot, select distance from that spot, and your boat will automatically circle around that location so you can cast right into the center! Additionally, compatible Humminbird finders feature a virtual remote on their screens allowing you to control speed, direction, spot-lock and advanced auto-pilot.

It looks like a good argument to upgrade the three year old Ulterra especially for a more accurate Spot-lock and Bluetooth control.  I want to design a wireless joystick control for the Trolling motor.


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  1. I went down to the big lake on Wednesday morning and spent four hours poking around the BOP in my canoe. It was a dinkfest! I picked up about 20 eight to twelve inchers, but not a single keeper. Frustrating, given your great report from Sunday. As you noted yesterday, already by Wednesday the water was a lot less green and the winds had things a bit more churned up, which apparently moved the bigger fish out to deeper water.

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