The New Ulterra with Ipilot Link 2017

I know that a trolling motor should last more than three years but the fact that you cant upgrade the Ipilot features on the anything older than a 2016 pushed me over the edge with the idea of upgrading the Ulterra instead of fixing it. Instead of fishing today, I ran over to the local Bass Pro shop 5 miles down the road. The last three trolling motors Ive owned were purchased through the internet and took a week to receive. Maybe I would luck out and Bass Pro Shop would have the model I wanted in stock and I could possibly install it today and fish tomorrow.

I got to the store around 10 and Daryl was working the Marine Accessories department. He was optomistic that they had one in stock and when he went back to check, he came out with a brand new Utlerra, 80lb thrust, 60 inch arm, 24 volt, preloaded with the new Ipilot-link. I payed for it with my Bass Pro Credit Card and racked up some points. The best part of the purchase was the Bass Pro Shop Warranty that I purchased for 300 dollars that guarantees a replacement no questions asked for three years should the motor fail in any way, Ah the benefits of buying a Minn Kota at a brick and mortar superstore. I was told that the store would honor an exchange for the upgraded version as well. I feel optomistic that this investment will at least keep me in a healthy motor for at least three years.

The motors look pretty much the same inside, but I was told that they are quieter and the Ipilot software is so much better with a new Bluetooth part that takes into account the position of the boat. Tomorrow I will test the spot lock and all the bells and whistles.

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