December gets challanging

Sunday-December 10, 2017: As the water cools down on the lake in December,  so too the fishing at San Luis Reservoir.   Despite alot of talk about surface boils in the coves at daybreak,  I wasn’t able to score early in the morning.   I did see one legit boil near the shoreline in the morning but couldn’t get a fly on it fast enough.   I fished the BOP , Romero and the Trash Racks hard with not even a bite till 11:00.   At 11:0 I went to the old reliable Guardrail and caught a couple fish .  Our office party was last night and everyone stayed late and had a great time.  When the alarm went off at 5:00 this morning,  I still felt like I was partying. I can see why the fish weren’t that anxious to eat.

I wore my new Chicago Flyfishing Outfitters Hat  that I bought over Thanksgiving.  The first fish I hooked and lost of the day hit a really slow fly .  I didn’t feel like the fish hit the fly very hard and I lost it on the 4th strip to the boat.  It happened a second time on a slow paused fly.   The last two fish I caught were also on slow retrieves.   I think the winter cycle is upon us.   I might be time to fish the forebay .

The fish I cleaned today were full of Diptera and small grass shrimp. There have been reports of fish cruising tight against the shoreline gulping food. I find it kind of odd behavior for the beginning of winter. For sure the fish seemed uninterested in moving bait.

The underwater shots were made with a GoPro Fusion.  Im slowly learning how to use Fusion Studio but I think the real power of the 360 GoPro Fusion is underwater shots under the boat.    Its hard to point a  camera at a fish that is swimming around the boat.   One of these days Ill get that big fish as it comes in from the depths .

Next week is time to to check out the Forebay..


2 thoughts on “December gets challanging

  1. Nice! Like the new camera and u/w shots.

    I fished the forebay a couple of weeks ago (Dec 2) after we got blown off the Big Lake and it wasn’t great. We hooked 3. One off the dam wall. One in the “Medieros Trench” and one lost to a damaged hook. I did better last Saturday in Disco Bay. Best was 21″, 3.5 pounds plus a bonus 10 lb salmon. Lots of salmon in Disco this year for some reason.

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