A thousand cast per fish…..

It’s possible that today was the last fishing day of the year. The lake is super hard now with nobody getting much fish and much effort. The trollers and gear guys were shrugging their shoulders. The cleaning station garbage cans were empty at 3:00 in the afternoon. But despite how slow it was today, the weather was perfect, the water was clear and the Solonar charts were 4 stars. I left late again since the mornings were not producing the last couple times out.

As soon as I launched at Basalt and turned on my sonars I saw of baitfish schools around the launch. Behind some were fish. I started fishing right away and I was surprised that I didn’t get any hits fishing those bait balls. It would be the most fish and bait I would see all day. Yesterday I spent the day tweaking the settings on my Helix and Lowrance Sonars and I was getting great images today. The new batteries are working great and I fished all day only draining them down a half.

I noticed lots of birds sitting around willow point near the Bay of Pigs so I decided to camp out for awhile in the morning and look for surface fish. I did see a couple boils, but the fish below them were moving quickly and I couldn’t get a fly on them fast enough. I started fishing from Dave’s Rock to Guardrail, slow stripping a yellow and white size 1 weightless craft fur minnow and picked one good fish up. I was fishing right to the rocks right in front of the Dam Police and they didn’t mind today. Maybe one could argue that I was 500 feet from the TOP of the dam vs the shoreline. When the dam police left, I got all up into the trash racks looking for a school that was fishable depth. Nope.

My second fish (after thousands of casts) was at Romero fishing the sunken island at Monument–another fat 22 incher. I returned to Guardrail around 2:00 and caught another fish after a thousand casts and decided to leave.

The lake keeps getting tougher and tougher. Im going to wait for a good fish report before returning. This month is going to be busy with both kids coming home and Christmas.

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