The Worst day Fishing is better than….

Monday, February 5, 2018– Well it certainly is not better that the worst day on Wall Street. I may have broke even on the lake today, but lost a big chunk of my portfolio today and it stings. I picked Monday to fish this weekend because I figured everybody would fish on Saturday before the Superbowl, and I decided to stay home yesterday on Sunday to witness the Patriots have a bad day. That has to be one of the best Superbowls I’ve ever watched. Monday morning at Dino was empty with three boats out and a float tube fly guy. I decided to fish the wooded coves again this weekend and started out where I had luck last week. I didn’t tap a fish for the two hours I fished it. I then fished the earthen dam and and all the coves on the east side that had trees coming out of it. With no bites or follows, I booked on over to the BOP where I saw a fly fisherman working the really shallow water. I worked the Dam from Dave’s Rock to the Guardrail with nothing. I ran over to the racks and fished the pillars for an hour before getting run off. The pumps were on but no surface current visible. Then I went to Romero and worked that corner black and blue with no luck. You can learn more about how to fish in shallow waters.

I wasn’t worthy today but listening to the Financial news while fishing didn’t help much. The Stock market took its biggest dump in history as I was trying to catch one fish today. The DJI dropped 1200 points today like a single point for every fishless cast.

Maybe I should throw away the solonar tables and start watching the Trader Vic Index… The Vic Index is a rules based quantitative index that predicts market confidence\fear and volatility. It went nuts today predicting the correction. Last week when I did well on the lake, the market was surging, Today, fishing was bad and the market tanked. Coincidence?

2 thoughts on “The Worst day Fishing is better than….

  1. My friend Stan Konrad and I hit a lot of the same areas you mentioned on Saturday. We also found the fish a bit scarce. We managed three keepers and no dinks, all up in the shallow ends of coves close to flooded timber. Couldn’t beat the weather, however, and a good size group of elk provided some entertainment galloping across the hillside behind the earthen dam before settling down to graze while keeping a careful eye on us. Definitely more fun than doing yard work or taxes!

    • Yes it was beautiful day! I saw those elk and tried to get an epic drone video of them when I discovered I forgot to charge my controller. It was pretty sad. What an opportunity missed. Your right about a slow day of fishing being better than taxes or work though. And, three is better than zero any day. That’s a good day in my book still. In fact a single good fish is a good day in my book.

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