Memorial Day 2018


Monday March 28, 2018 -Years from now when I remember Memorial Day 2018,  I wont think of the catching two stripers on one cast,  or the American Shad that I stalked and caught in the lake chasing them around the edge.  I will think of the day the Warriors beat the Rockets in Game 7 of the Western NBA finals.   The championship starts this Thursday night and I have a gut feeling that LaBron has a big can of woop ass to deal with next week.   I think this last series was the toughest hurdle  and tonights game was the high point of the year.

Finally a day with no wind.  Its been almost 4 weeks since I fished the lake and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Last years Memorial Day was pretty good with lots of little fish and today for me ,  it was about the same.    I managed to land 17  stripers and not one of them was a keeper.  Everybody was out on the lake today with the wind conditions ideal ,  Mark Baldwin, Steph, Vaughn and Dan Blanton, and a couple other regulars were all out.   Steph caught some nice fish today- a couple 8 pounders.  Also Dan had a great day and had tons of fish by half day.

I decided to fish two flies today and managed my first double on the lake this year but the highlight of the day was chasing the American shad that school and move around the edge of the lake.  When I was a kid,  I use to catch them wading in the lake with shad darts on a spinning rod.   We would fill gunny sacks full of female shad and my parents would cook and  eat the roe.  The shad were eating today and as long as I could stay with the moving school,  I was into them.  Toward the end I was loosing  more than I was catching and I noticed the hooks were bent on my flies.  Some stouter hooks are in order for next time.

Im starting to think about my Jurasic Lake trip in December and brought out my Spey rods on the lake to practice.  I think I freaked some people out in the middle of the lake casting a spey line for a couple hours.    I tried to stay away from the other boats in the middle but it just goes to show that if you stay in one spot long enough,  people think there are fish around you and come over to look.




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