The James Baroud Space roof tent.

Next year or maybe this year Im going to start my new years resolution to fish more local water next year. After this years road trip to Montana. I think I want to get back to basics and camp fish Northern Cali, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

I have a Motorhome, but for one guy its a bit overkill and I cant drive it 4WD to some remote and rugged fly fishing spots. I was thinking that a camper shell might be the answer, but I didn’t want to drive a shell around towing the boat to SL or just around town so I decided on a roof tent that I could store when not in use. I built a winch system to raise and lower it onto my truck. It setups up and breaks down in less than 5 minutes and you can keep your sleeping bag, pillow and sleeping necessities in it all the time. The “top of the line” hardshell pop up car tents are made by James Baroud. I choose the wedge shaped “Space” model and it has plenty of room for one or two adults.

The second part of the equation is a good float tube or pram. After Jim Cramer died in his 8 foot aluminum pram, I decided to try to find an 8ft portaboat. I feel pretty fearless in a portaboat having once purposely swamped one and rowed it nearly submerged 50 yards. After searching Craigs List for a couple months, I found a used on in Davis California and got a great deal on a nearly new one. Portaboat is a local company and they are asking around $2000 for new 8 foot Alpha Series folding boat.

Im going to mounti next to the tent on the rack with a Thule Kayak Mount.  I think Ill be able to use a Kayak mount on the bar next to the tent to transport my PortaPram.

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