World Pandemic 2020

The most Catastrophic event in my lifetime is freshly underway. Our family is being tested by a worldwide event that will change the way we live from here on out.  What feels like a science fiction movie or the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead is now a reality.  A new tiny piece of RNA  known as Coronavirus COVID19 first surfaced in Wuhan China has changed the world forever.   Currently we are in DAY 5 of the shelter in place order with no end in site.

The TImeline:

Dec 13,  China treats a dozen cases of an unknown virus.  Two day after the first discovery,  Chinese doctors identify it as a new virus-a novel virus.  A novel coronavirus is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified.

Jan 11.  The first patient dies in China.  The patient was 61 years old and had chronic liver disease and abdominal cancer.  Chinese new year is taking place.

Jan 20.  Japan, South Korea and Thailand report infected people and link it to travel from China.

Jan 23  11 Million people are Isolated by the chinese government as Wuhan is shut down to any travel.  Death toll has risen to 17 people with 600 infected.   Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and the United States report infected.

Jan 25  First California Case in Orange County

Jan 30.  The WHO declares a global emergency

Jan 31 Trump suspends entry into the United States from China.  213 people are dead and 9800 are infected.

Feb 2   FIrst Death outside of China in the Philippines.  More  California Cases in Santa Clara County, Sonoma, Placer

Feb 5  A Southeast Asia a two week cruise ship touring Asia  is quarantined in Japan.

Feb 7   Whistleblower Chinese Doctor who tried to warn the world -Dr Li Wenliang dies.

Feb 13  1400 new cases are diagnosed in China in the Hubei Province.

Feb 12-19  Mom (90 years old)  and Maelin go to Iceland and experience strongest Cyclone (Dennis) in north Atlantic history.

Feb 19  Mia and Gina in Vegas for Mia’s work segment.

Feb 14   France has its first Corona death.

Feb 21   Iran announces two coronavirus cases and deaths.   Worldwide cases rises to 75000

Feb 21-24  Mark and Phoebe’s Bachelor Bachelorette Parties In Cabo San Lucas

Feb 23   Italy sees a surge in coronavirus and officials lock down towns.

Feb 24   Trump asks congress for 1.25 Billion  to prepare for viral outbreak in US as Iran becomes the second largest infected country behind China

Feb 26  South America reports Corona virus in Brazil

Feb 28  Africa reports its first infection and Europe reports 800 cases including Ireland, Wales,  Germany, Switzerland, Belarus, Estonia and Lithuania. Highest earning stocks in my portfolio with 20 percent trailing stops on highs start executing sell all shares.  Portfolio goes 30 percent into cash .

Feb 29  First US patient dies and global number rises to 87000.   Travel bans increase to include Iran, South Korea

March 1   Gina and Meng Camping at Half Moon Bay.  Two more California Cases in Alameda and Solano counties totalling 9 brought in from cruise ship.

March  3   Mark has a cold and cough.  Panic starts in US.  We  cancel Disneyland trip for upcoming weekend.  12 cases confimed in Santa Clara County

March 5  Two Community Spread cases in SF

March 6  Twitter War with Alaska Airlines for travel vouchers with no penalties,  Hilton Hotel refunds money when I tell them I am planning on recovering in their hotel for 14 days.   Disney VIP tour refunds totally.   Airlines are scrambling to develop policies to accommodate Coronavirus Panic.

March 9    Cabo San Lucas sees first Covid Outbreak 14 days after Mark and Phoebe’s exit.  Another 20 percent of my stock with 20% percent trailing stops sell off.   45 percent in cash now.

March 10  Governor Newsom confirms 157 California infected.

March 11  Trump Blocks Europe inbound travel

March 12   Gina wakes up with 100.4 fever.   I cancel patients and stay home with her and start planning 14 day quarantine.  Consultation with Kaiser about Covid testing.  Drive through testing is available.   Dr Harris recommends we wait a couple days since no other symptoms and early test can be inconclusive.

March 13  Gina wakes up without any symptoms at all and no temp.  Maybe big pot of Hot Sour Soup cured her.    Trump Declares a National Emergency.  Wayne and Family Flies to Singapore in first class(?).  Mark and Phoebe are forced by state mandate to  cancelling wedding in 5 weeks.   Negotiations with Nestledown wedding planner gets ugly and they try not to refund wedding under ‘force majeure” clause.      All vendors refund money and they start looking at a new venue in August.  CDC Suggests postponing Elective Procedures with no requirement to close Dental Offices.

March 15  The CDC recommends no gatherings of 50 or more in US.  Stock Market Crashes big time.

March 16  Monday– Six Bay Area Counties go into shelter in Place.  Our Dental office meets to cancel patients for three weeks and discuss strategy and emergency sick leave to keep salaries going.   We see a few emergency patients.

Urgent (Coronavirus) COVID-19 Updates

As the facts and situation around COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue to evolve, and in step with Gov. Newsom’s recent Declaration of a State of Emergency, including the call for all seniors over the age of 65 and residents with chronic conditions to self-isolate at home, the California Dental Association is requesting the cooperation of all California dentists and issuing the following guidance:

The California Dental Association strongly recommends that dentists practicing in California voluntarily suspend nonessential or non-urgent dental care for the next 14 days. As always, it is expected that dentists will continue to be available as needed for emergency care and services.

CDA does not make this request lightly, and it is being done out of an abundance of caution during this historic public health emergency. As health care professionals, we all have a role to play in “flattening the curve” in order to follow sound, scientific public health advice to help limit infections and slow the spread of the virus.

Our collective actions now will determine the spread of COVID-19, and this recommendation is being made after careful deliberation and in consultation with state and national public health experts. We believe by taking these extraordinary precautions, dentists can make a difference in helping to preserve the limited supply of personal protective equipment critical for emergency dental care and frontline health care personnel responding to the pandemic. We recognize the gravity of these extreme measures and are sensitive to the economic impact of such actions. Rest assured that CDA will advocate on behalf of all dentists in California for economic relief packages.

We understand you will have questions about what to do next following this announcement. For the most up-to-date information and support, visit our dedicated information page at CDA Practice Support is also available at 800.232.7645 but is experiencing a significant increase in calls, so wait times may be longer than usual. On Monday, March 16, we will follow this alert with resources for communicating with staff and patients. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share CDA’s COVID-19 (coronavirus) updates with your social networks to circulate this news with our dental community.

Latin America imposes travel restrictions.

March 17  DAY 1 OF OFFICE CLOSED  (Three weeks)    France is locked down.  Europe locks down.

March 18  California closes all campgrounds.   Gina and I cancel Half Moon Bay siter for next week.

March 19  Gov. Newsom’s issues statewide shelter-in-place order  till April 7.   China reports Zero local infections.   97 days from first reported infection. (3 months) .  Steph’s friend Brian fishes San Luis and gets 4 fish all day but lake is open although campgrounds are closed.

March 20  Gina and I fish San Luis Reservoir.   Wayne and Family are trapped in Manilla for 22 hours trying to get back to SF.  CDA revises Recommendations for Dental Emergencies.-  Work on no patients without N95 Masks and other PPE supplies.  in other words no treatment unless life threatening and you have PPE and n95 masks which no dental office use.  Federal Coronavirus Small Business Assistance is passed.  Retirement  portfolio is down 30 percent from highs sitting on 40 percent cash but equal to where it was October of 2019.

March 22   Wayne and family board a full flight from Manilla to SFO after being isolated in a lounge with no food for 22 hours.   (Last plane out)  Final Relief Package bill aimed at small business like ours is still not signed into law.  Mitch McConnell says  tomorrow (monday)


SIck Family Member Guidelines

Flattening the Curve Math

California Dental Society Covid  Resource Center

Dentist are HIGH Risk for contracting COVID

Evaluation and Testing for COVID

New PPE Guidlines for Dentistry

Practice forms and posters for office

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2 thoughts on “World Pandemic 2020

  1. Thanks for posting the timeline and links. You have identified some new sites I had not seen yet that are quite interesting. I’m so glad to hear that your scare with Gina’s fever turned out to not be Covid-19. These are truly extraordinary times. I can sympathize with the logistical nightmare of rescheduling your son’s wedding; my relatives are facing something similar with regard to a planned family reunion in July that seems very unlikely to happen now. It seems a virtual certainty that the current shelter-in-place order will be extended, probably through May or beyond, and the world as we know will be a very different place by then. Stay safe and good luck to you and yours.

    • Ed, I hope you are safe and family is well. My son is on the front line in SF treating patients and he cancelled coming home this weekend because he was worried about me. Its hitting home that this my move me into retirement. I went to the lake yesterday and both my wife and we felt it was a needed reset for the things we are dealing with and things to come. The closest person to us all day was a guy behind a window and we were alone all day with good cell service. We have to take it slow and methodically – no choice. It’s a wonderful thing that we enjoy fishing so much. I remember one of the reasons I so loved fishing in my youth was that it was nearly free. Even if i enter retirement with half of what I planned. It is enough money to fish the rest of my life. I know my kids will survive this because of their professions and our 90 year old parents are still healthy. So far the rangers at San Luis are being steadfast in keeping the boat launch open.

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