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September 27, 2020 – After nearly a year of owning the Lance Trailer, I’m feeling more comfortable taking it locally for a single night of camping.  Its been a fun few week adding some improvements to the trailer.  Gina loves camping at Half Moon bay even if its only for a night in a non premium site.   Now that we have the ability to unhitch from the trailer, unlike our previous RV,  we have been exploring the local shops. restaurants fishing and golf.   This weekend we met Mark and Phoebe for dinner so we could take possession of the the dog for a couple week while they visit Mia in Charleston.   The tides were good for surf fishing and the reports off the beach have been good.

The ride up to half moon bay at 2:00 pm Sunday was very slow especially over the hill to HMB from highway 280.  It took us an extra hour to travel 9 miles over the hill.  The hot 85 degree beach weather had everyone heading to the beach.  After parking the RV,  I headed out to fish the tide,  but the beach was packed with kids and surfers for as far as I could see.    I’m sure the perch were there but I just didn’t want to hook a person trying to catch dinner.    After catching a few small perch and explaining to everyone nearby what they were and what I was doing,  I felt fly fishing down the crowded  beach was out of the question and I returned to the trailer.

Gina was chatting it up with our neighbors at our campground who turned out to be two individual women on each side of us with brand new campers and trucks traveling solo as members of “Sisters on the Fly”,  Sisters on the fly is a woman’s travel club that was created to share flyfishing with women.   It morphed into a woman’s travel club with nearly  12500 members nationwide.   I think it inspired Gina into believing that,  if necessary,  she could camp alone with the trailer.

Mark and Phoebe met us at the campground from there new SF apartment for dinner.  It only takes them 30 minutes to meat us at the campground from SF.   We decided to put our name in at Sam’s Chowder Bar and Oyster Bar on the ocean.   What a great meal we shared and the sunset and weather were perfect.   It was so good,  Gina and I stopped there with the trailer in tow for lunch the next day for a couple lobster rolls.   There was plenty of road parking across the street to accommodate  our truck and trailer plus beach access is really close if you have to wait for an outside table.   We walked down to the HMB Boat launch and checked out the fish cleaning stations.  Lots of fishermen were launching boats to fish inside the harbor for a couple hours.   Apparently there is a run of planted Salmon – Coastside Net Pen salmon –  that annually return to the harbor and for a couple weeks a year when you can catch salmon casting off the beach in the harbor.  Some fish off of ladders,  site casting beads and plastic pink worms at cruising fish returning to their spawning “truck”:   I thought a drone might come in handy.  One other new thing I’ve learned about HMB fishing.

A list of Motorhome Hacks and improvements.

Zero Breeze Mark II Portable Air conditioner

Ecoflow Delta Solar Generators with portable Solar arrays

EasyStart™ 364 Soft Starter

Weeboost RV 65 directional Yaggi

Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed, Portable Raised Pet Cot

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair, Cinnamon

Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Flagpole\mast for Yaggi antenna and flag from Poles and Holders (awesome company)

San Luis Reservoir reports have been slow.  The forebay is still producing dinks but the lake has been really hot one day  and really cold the next.  Last week a lure fisherman caught a 41 inch striper in the forebay channel and in the lake,  Roger George caught a Personal Best Striper last week weighing 40 lbs and also a couple over 20 lbs in three consecutive trips trolling deep.  Ming Xong is umbrella rigging some easy limits near loan oak .  The Delta hasn’t gotten hot yet according to Dan Blanton at Sugar Barge but things typically get better in October all over.    Fires continue to threaten Napa and Redding this week.

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