Pre Election Stress Reduction

In retrospect of all the presidential elections I actually voted in ,   I could be the ultimate cooler, having voted for almost every loser in the last 10 elections.   I was in desperate need of some stress reduction today and a good day of fishing helped me realize that whatever happens tomorrow,  I’m going to adapt and survive like I have these last 63 years.   Like fishing,  no matter how certain your are of the prospects,  there can always be surprises and uncertainty and the true joy of fishing is finding peace and understanding no matter what the results are.   Its in God’s hands now and I dont think there is anyone on either side that knows for sure what will happen or what the aftermath of tomorrow’s election will bring.

The fishing reports for the lake have been pretty  dismal this last week.   The full moon hasn’t helped the Lake fishing although there have been some reports of smaller fish in the forebay.   I had a good day with Steph a couple weeks ago and I still think a couple 3-5 pounders is better than a dozen dinks from the forebay and decided to waste my time at the Lake today instead of go for numbers in the forebay.   I wanted to try out my Hummingbird 360 configuration.   I put the 360 transducer on the stern so that I could use it while cruising at 10 mph to look for schools of fish.  Unfortunately I didn’t see a school of fish all day with any sonar.  Early in the morning,  I managed to pick up a couple fish around the racks fishing deep and slow.    The fish were not aggressive today even though the conditions were ideal.  The Lake was calm all day and the water was clear.   The pumps were not on but it looked like the lake was down a couple feet from two weeks ago.  For a Monday,  there were a few boats bait fishing the racks,  but I noticed they were not catching any either.   A couple trollers picked up fish today but I managed 4 fish today fishing hard all day.   It was a very relaxing day not listening to politics for 8 hours.   Things are typically slow before the first rains which might come as soon as next week.   when the lake starts to fill,  hopefully things will pick up.   The fish were skinny and didnt fight as hard as a couple weeks ago.   I ended the day with 4 fish and didn’t get a single hit from 11:00am-2:00pm.  So much for the full moon late bite and the 1:00 solonar peak.

Yesterday we picked up the Tesla Y and I can say for certain that it is the fastest, funest, car we have every purchased -truely a technological wonder.    There is so much detail that I am learning about the car.  I spent yesterday moving our 220 volt Siemens charger from the ceiling  in back of the garage to a post near the front of the garage-running conduit with 10 gauge wire.  I was going to buy a Tesla charger,  but it turns out my old 220 class 2 charger works just fine with an adapter charging about 41 miles of range  every hour–an easy overnight full charge of 310 miles.

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