“..that for one brief shining moment…”

Perhaps the most memorable clip of film and music I have ever heard, that brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it, especially in these dark days, is from Richard Harris at the end of the movie Camelot (1967).    Arthur stumbles across a young boy who begs to fight in the “last” battle and become a Knight of the Round Table. The boy is committed to Arthur’s original ideal of “Not might ‘makes’ right, but might ‘for’ right.” Arthur realizes that, although he has lost the battle and is certain to fall, the ideals of Camelot still live on in this simple boy.  Arthur knights the boy and gives him his orders—run behind the lines and survive the battle, so that he can tell future generations about the legend of Camelot. Watching the boy leave, Arthur regains his hope for the future.

All I can say is that the media, Big Tech and Marxist Party of America will try their best to erase the unprecedented achievement of the last 4 years administration.  The Deep State will use their “might” to change what is right.   You won’t be able to read or write about these last glorious years,  or search for facts on the internet or learn about it in our biased universities or public schools.  The Hunter Biden Laptop is real and Covid came from the Wuhan Lab.   Only by word of mouth, underground if necessary,  will the truth survive.  To the 70 Million who know what I am talking about  To the majority of tax paying , legal citizen voters who weren’t indoctrinated by media, or whose votes were not harvested by scoundrels.  “Run Boy,  Ruuuun Boy!    Ruuuuun!

Thanks for the Energy Independence,  The best economy in my lifetime,  for making it possible for me to get a Covid Vaccine in my body in less than a year,  for respecting the monumental effort it took my parents and friends to immigrate legally into this country.  for trying to teach us again about what makes the US uniquely better than Communist and Socialist countries.  Thank you for trying to preserve the foundations on which this country was built.  Thank you for balancing the Supreme Court.   Thank you for appointing originalist judges. Thank you for giving up your comfortable life for principle and love of country by not taking a salary.  Thank you for showing us how deep the swamp is and that our media is corrupt.  Thanks for showing us that Science can be manipulated in the name of politics. Thank you for showing us that claiming to be a Republican does not automatically make you one and that we have enemies within our own party.

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