Fishing with Pee Wee on Memorial Day

The winds at San Luis Reservoir and Forebay have been very unpredictable this weekend.    I tried to arrange a day of fishing with my old friend Pee Wee Marshal but as it would turn out, there is no such thing as a firm fishing date on San Luis since the winds can build up or die at any time.  We originally tried to get out on Sunday,  but hours before leaving, the winds were too high to launch.    Despite the morning winds,   Steph and Brian managed to put in an afternoon of fishing on the lake and reported some pretty good fishing at the racks catching  several dozen fish after 2 pm .   I called up Pee Wee  and asked him if he wanted to try an afternoon session on the lake since we had to cancel Sunday and he agreed.

We got to the trash racks where yesterday’s action seemed to be the best and fished the pillars picking up 8 fish .  The bait fishermen were doing well but they were fishing depths of 40-60 feet.    Catching fish at the racks required a long count and some patience.      It wasn’t easy fishing but we got a few and headed home when the wind started up at 5:00.   It was a fun day and I was glad to get Pee Wee back on the lake after a long absence.     .





Thank you for your service dad.   RIP

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  1. Meng! Any chance you’re looking for another fishy dude on your boat in the next couple days? I saw the weather looks pretty good out there! I’ll bring good food!

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