Tough Day for Don and I

Dec 11, 2024 – With the biggest  atmospheric river storm expected to soak the Bay Area  tomorrow,   I figured the fish might be on the feed  with the barometer drop.   But with  last nights bright moon and a poor solonar rating,  the day was spent looking for biting fish-more looking than catching.  We did some very large schools and I heard that a troller actually caught 40 fish today.     Vaughn was out with Dan   and Steph was out with Eric.  It seems like everyone had problems getting fish to eat today.    We ended up with 5 for the day and the other boats double that each.

As we were launching around 9:00.   I could see birds working a school of bait to the east.   Unfortunately,  as we pulled up,  the bait went down and we didn’t get any .    That was the only time I saw birds working all day unfortunately.     We did find some big schools of fish but I couldn’t get close enough to them to put a short cast on them.   Don hooked and leadered the biggest fish today. and it was a picture perfect day.    Hopefully  things will get better after the rains like it did last year.

I think once the big runoffs start lowering the visibility,  the fish won’t be moving as fast and we can get flies in front of more stationary schools.


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