April Fools Day on the Forebay

I was foolish today, April 1 2022, to think I could repeat last weeks epic day. The day looked perfect and I tried visualize epic before the day started but the fish just didn’t cooperate today. It wasn’t for lack of finding them either. I made lots of fly changes today without any clear winners. It seemed that the fish were looking for suspended flies that had thin profiles and not too much weight. I only got 10 today, but it was a fun day trying to figure it out.  After last weeks huge fish,   I needed some closure and I got it today.    Back to normal for me knowing that at any time ,  a fish of a lifetime awaits.

As the evening progressed, I did a little better catching 4 of the ten fish in the last two hours of the day. I met Vaughn and Tim out there today and they were doing better than I . I think they got a dozen fish in the boat. Also Brian was out. Steph sais he caught 6.

Conditions are changing on the forebay. The temps are getting warmer at 65 degrees today and the weeds have yet to show up. There seems to be some bait in the water but no birds working either. Also, there was no current in the channels. No current is usually a bad sign too.

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