Slow day on the Forebay but maybe better than Pyramid

This report should be about Pyramid Lake and in a way it is.   Up to last night at 7:00 PM.  I was packed and ready to ladder up at Pyramid lake.   I learned that the San Jose Flycaster was having their fish out this upcoming Monday.   The next couple weeks are going to be very busy  starting with a return to Henderson Springs for some Dry Fly fishing I hope in a week.  Watching the weather at Pyramid Lake,   I was hoping for some overcast and wind but the weather kept getting milder and milder throughout the week.    Don  Cheserek left for Pyramid yesterday to get a couple days in before the club got there.  He spent yesterday scouting the beaches and reported back that very few fish were swimming the shallows and a very small amount of fish were being caught.   He fished all day yesterday and his group didn’t get a single fish or bite.     I decided to stay home and  fish the forebay today and get ready for Henderson Springs.   It takes me 6 hours to drive to Jurassic Lake North (Pyramid) and it’s harder to drive alone if you know the fishing is slow.

We watched Pelican. 20 people fishing saw 3 small fish caught. Went to the North Nets 50+ ladders
Did not see any signs of fish. Fished the South Nets with two others. No signs of fish. Neither Bob or I had a hit. We are going to try Pelican first thing in the morning Friday. Will let you know what we find. It appears there are a few small pods of fish and if you are lucky enough to hit one you may catch a couple. Small fish for most but he occasional 10+ fish showed up. Bob and I were fishing in long sleeves shirts this afternoon. No jacket. We did not see any fish swimming all day today.

The forecast for the Forebay today predicted 90 degree weather. with winds building in the afternoon.   Saturday thru Monday looks blown out.    I headed out in shorts,  a good Hat and a gallon of cold water to test my luck on the forebay.    Brian got a couple yesterday and I was still excited to see if I could repeat a huge fish .     Surprisingly today there were very few schools of fish in the regular places.   It was as if they all took off down the Mendota Canal.  I really searched thoroughly looking for the fish but could not find any areas that held  higher density of scattered schools of fish with both directional sonars 100 ft out on all sides.      Around 11:0O am I started marking some decent schools around the Buoy Lines at the Medeiros Channel.   If i was able to position myself properly on a decent school and stay on them with the sonar,   I could catch 2 or three out each school.   The schools were moving pretty fast today, and they were few and far between   I caught 8 fish by noon working hard and only got one from noon to 3:00 pm.   I went home early to finish chores. and  harvested two  20 inch fish  for the dinner tonight for Gina.   Both stripers were healthy and nothing but a few Midge Pupa in their stomachs–no minnows yet.   I wonder when the minnows show up?   I searched the shallows around the dock and couldn’t see any baitfish but I did spy on some 12 inch LMB cruising around.

The Honda 90  outboard was acting up last week  and I suspected either a bad plug.  Air in the gas lines or old water contaminated  fuel.    The Engine would run fine for awhile and then cough and loose power occasionally.    I bought some fuel additive that removes water from the gas and also a bottle of Sea Foam to clean my injectors.    After 5 minutes of open throttle,  the engine definitely ran smoother.    Almost no stutters now.    I really like Sea Foam.   I used it before on my last boat and it really helps keep your motor clean inside.   I only have a 1/4 tank left but  I hate to waste it.   It probably cost half as much when I bought it and with the price of gas now,  I would hate to dump the gas when I could just add additives.

Also,  I noticed my trolling batteries depleting a little earlier than expected these last trips. . I checked them and they were dated 2017.   Time flies when you dont have problems.    What a great excuse to go to Lithium Phosphate.    I took Will Prouse’s advice and bought two of the dirt cheap batteries he reviewed that he likes.  Amazing how you can buy a 100aH Lithium for $310.   Continuous use for 6 hours on my 24 volt Terrova and they were less than half depleted.   I checked with MinKota and they assured  than my 3 bank Precision MinnKota  onboard charger is compatible.

Cousin Wayne hot off his 50lb PB striper a couple days ago continues to slam the Smolt Boils on the sac for monster stripers .  They hooked 7 and landed 4 between 8-12 lbs. Someday, when Im fully retired,   I’m going to camp on the river when the smolts are released and learn that game.


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