Synabego – Boats, Tubes and Pontoons

One of the reasons I bought the 4wd Mercedes Sprinter  Van Conversion was so that I could tow a 3500 lb boat and still camp.   The other major reason I bought the Revel 4×4 is that I could park the 19 foot van in a regular parking space.    The latter is less achievable with a 20 foot boat in tow.   The boat solution was solved with the largest portaboat that would fit on the side of the van.   A 12 ft portaboat is twice as stable as an 8 ft portaboat.   I ordered a custom side rack for the boat from Vertirack

I also like to fish lakes and ponds with a pontoon boat or float tube.  I found the best way to transport them is to strap them to the back of the van.

OhaaAnd let not forget Pyramid Lake Ladders.

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