Cal vs Davis Football Opener

Sometimes  its wise to sit in neutral territory.  Although, we thought it would be a good idea to sit in the old Berkeley Memorial Stadium just one more time before they tear it down and rebuild it next year.  I am looking forward to watching CAL football at AT&T park next year. 

The Davis students still look as optimistic as I remember, being an alumni.  Despite the odds, they cheered till the very end and no one left.  I must say that although we massacred the Aggies, I anticipated what might have been their biggest upsets as I remembered the Aggies win over Standford not long ago. If it all went bad for CAL, at least I could have bragged that I was there.  Seems the last time CAL and Davis  met in 1932,  there was some controversy over who really won. Not today though. It was nice how the bands stuck around after the game and played music at each other for an hour.

Joining us was Barry and Graciella whose daughter Kayla also attends CAL.

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