Disneyland in the RAIN!

The LA TV stations called it the biggest rain storm in 70 years!  Mark and I called it Nirvanna as we  rode rides with no lines and had our way with the park till midnight dressed like fishermen.   In all the years of going to Disneyland the week before Christmas to celebrate Gina and Marks birthdays,  I have never seen it more empty that on this trip.  I think that rain is actually a great thing since it keeps the locals away and the young kids leave early (ie prior to 7pm).  That leaves the part virtually empty till midnight!   We saw the new World of Color in California adventure in a thunderous rain storm.  You could not see where the fountains ended and the sky began which resulted in a unique experience.  Although we were soaked,  it was worth it.  California Adventure has a lot of construction this year.  I cant wait to see the new face of California Adventure.  This year was the last year of the California sign in front of CA.

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