Yosemite – Reservation imposible

Now that the motorhome is prime, and after last years SCALPED yosemite camping reservation adventure in which Mia managed to get us some last minute prime camping reservation in Upper River from Craigs list,  its time to try to get some legit reservations.  As it has been always, Yosemite camping reservations are made 6 months prior to the month you want them.  Unfortunately, you can only make them on a new and revised web site.  Gone are the days that we owned the reservations line with a ‘wardialer–a device the autodials a busy signal at a rate of ten times a minute.   The wardialer was good to us for about ten years!

Unfortunately, there is no way I have found to blast into the new reservation system.  Gina and I spent three hours the night before prepping which sites were available and despite our preparations and fast internet access,  we couldn’t secure any of the 20 available sites we targeted at 7:00am.   Looks like we will be looking on Craig’s list again if we camp.

It was interesting to note that you can make reservations into the the next open month if you book through the last day of the month that is open.  I think this is the key to getting reservations at the beginning of the next open month.

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