University of Oregon – First impressions

There are no direct flights to Eugene Oregon from SF or SJ. Today, it took us 10 hours to fly from SF to Portland and then to Eugene.  We probably could have driven it faster.   Mainly because of the rainy weather, but its been a long time since I had such an uncomfortable trip on a plane.  The first leg of the flight  was in a 2 by 2 twin prop.  A 300 lb woman took the window seat and compressed me into 1/3 of my seat for two hours.   Also to add insult, she was in the wrong seat.   I think there should be a law that if a person can not sit in the seat with the  middle  divider down,   they should pay for two seats.–what a mess.

Listen up UC. If you don’t take Mark who is a “good” student, he will graduate from UO with a business degree and make it his mission to work for Nike in California and only hire DUCKS. And, though it will cost me an extra 80K in tuition, I will always resent my alma mater for not giving my son a shot at a UC Education that I have paid mounds of taxes for him to get.

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University of Oregon is a fantastic campus.  Especially the business school.  Walking around the campus felt like walking around Stanford or USC.    Perhaps,  it may be a perfect fit for Mark.   If California UC’s don’t want him,   than his destiny is at Oregon. Did I mention that there is a Cabellas less than 10 minutes from the school and the Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene is a bike ride away from the dorm? Sure would be nice if Marks ACL recovery was closer to home since it will take a year before he is normal again.

Interesting Facts about University of Oregon

  • Scenes from Animal House were filmed there.
  • Oregon student Phil Knight and former UO track coach Bill Bowerman founded the company Blue Ribbon Sports which later became Nike.
  • Walt Disney granted UofO permision to use Donald Duck as it sports mascot in 1947 when they started looking similar.
  • University of Oregon is a large arboretum with more than 500 trees on its 280 acres.
  • The university was founded in 1876
  • In 1995 UO started a surf club with its home waters from Coos Bay to Pacific City,  aprox an hour drive.
  • UO has a Bass fishing Team
  • UO has a nationally ranked Parliamentary Debate Team
  • UO has 12 NCAA championship in Track and Field
  • UO won the Rose Bowl in 2011
  • Ann Curie graduated from UO School of Journalism and Communication
  • UO was ranked #101 for  national universities by US News in 2012
  • UO Tuition for out of state students is 3X higher than in state tuition and the school takes less than 10% from the state.

I  think Oregon’s star is rising.   They’re doing the four things that improve a university– buying top professors, buying top students, building excellent facilities, and producing a winning football (or basketball) team. It’s the same game plan Stanford used in 1891, Duke in the 50’s, and USC in the 90’s.


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