Mia’s 10025 zip code

This week after a world-wind three days of Bed Bath and Beyond, Pier One, BJ’s, Target and Michaels, plus a bunch of random boutique hardware stores only blocks away from her new Upper West Side Apartment, I finally discovered why I like Dentistry so much–I love the challenge of assembling Ikea furniture. Mia has officially started her New York run and we are happy with her living situation. Her new roommate from Virginia is great and a carbon copy of our daughter in so many good ways. I feel safe that they will look out for each other in the Big Apple. We dined at dozens of neighborhood diners and restaurants over the last three days all within blocks of her apartment and if I were to compare the experience to trout fishing, I would have to say that dining is to New York as big rainbow trout are to Alberta. It is the holly grail of dining. I was so impressed at the service and quality of French, Italian, Malaysian, Japanese and American cuisine that I could see myself making a trip to New York planned around meals alone. The neighborhood around 104th and Broadway is safe and friendly with everything you need within blocks. The Subway system is better than Chicago. It made the city feel small. We needed an air conditioning repair and ended up buying a new air conditioner at a local hardware store and  they put it in on a hand cart and walked it to her apartment and up the stairs for us four blocks away, no charge, no tip begging, no problem, we did have to hire an ac installation services. Its a wonderful neighborhood feel and the cost of living is surprisingly low aside from the high rents in the area. All worth the hassle to live in a safe, vibrant , New York neighborhood in Manhattan and only steps away from the Broadway 1 Subway line.   I started a Foursquare account–new hobby (old habit) exploring new restaurants.  Thanks to my brother and sister in law who live in Leonia NJ for their assistance and presence in our daughters life.  She couldn’t be in better hands so far away from home.


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