I thought I was going Looney spotting that UFO. Turns out I was….

Screen-Shot-2012-05-03-at-11.30.15-AMI received and interesting post from a UFO expert that sovled my UFO over San Luis Reservoir Mystery last year April.  Thanks to Harold Daniel, the site admin fro UFO Sightings Report, it appears that the floating Pants UFO I photographed fishing San Luis on 4-16-2012 was actually google project called LOON. Google is proposing a hot air ballon-powered internet access network, and has already launched a pilot project in New Zealand with 50 testers trying to connect via a helium-filled, solar powered balloon. According to a Wired.com article introducing Project Loon, some of the early flight tests took place at Dinosaur Point at the San Luis Reservoir in California’s Central Valley and on one of my fishing mornings…




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