Thursday’s going to be CRAZY…

I haven’t been as excited for a college Football game since Northwestern last went to the Rose Bowl in 1996. With 10 undefeated college teams left. The real football season starts on Thursday as ranked teams start weeding out the top 10.  This Thursday night (6pm on ESPN),  The Undefeated Oregon Ducks play Stanford in Palo Alto.  What’s at stake is a shot at  the National Title and Ownership of the Pac 12 (ROSE BOWL).   The  ducks are favored by 14 points and most believe that if they beat Stanford,  they will jump over Florida State and be a sure bet for national champions.   I think this year will be alot different than last year. you guys are going to think im insane…50-14 Oregon.  Oregon is better than they were last year and Stanford is worse.  Oregon shines on the road.  This is a revenge game and Mark tells me there will be blood.  Oregon will come out and from the beginning move the ball on Stanford.  Oregon secondary will unleash on Stanford’s mediocre wide receivers  and force Stanford Offensive line to brute force run on the  Oregon Defensive  line.   Oregon will adapt and hold down there running game while unleashing hell offensively.  I  think Oregon will punch its BCS national championship game ticket with authority this Thursday night.  Last week in NOLA,  I noticed LSU fans getting psyched for the BAMA game. The LSU boys because this rivalry seriously.  LSU will pull out all the stops to beat the Tide to redeem their two loss season.  It do or die for LSU and Bama is looking beatable these days with close wins.   LSU and Bama face off on Saturday at 5PM.  Also Thursday is the Baylor Oklahoma Game which will be the first real test of weather the undefeated Baylor is for real having started the season unranked. Thursday is going to be a BIG Day for College football and its time for undefeated teams to sort out.

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