BIG CHOKE – No Roses

I was feeling the bad MOJO when I heard the comments from some key players last week that the Rose Bowl was no big deal.  Comments like that never go without consequence and now the Ducks are out of the Rose Bowl Race beat by an unranked team.   How sad that they self destructed so late in the season.  Arizona was great.  It wasn’t even close despite a couple bad calls and recalled touchdowns.  I think the coach needs to keep some of the key players from making comments like ” we’re going to put up 40 points against Stanford…”  and  ” ..The Rose Bowl is no big deal…”.   The Oregon Ducks are a young team and I hope the experience will teach them how to be more humble. Also, I thought the coaching was a bit weak. In the last minutes of the third quarter, there was too much rushing with three score deficit. Mariota should have been passing with a run option all the way to the end. At least that would have helped his Heisman chances. The Civil War on Black Friday should be renamed the Oregon Loosers Bowl with Oregon State getting there clock rung today as well.  Next years reorganized BCS playoffs will be interesting to watch if Oregon can make it.  Lucky for me,  Mark has two more years at Oregon.

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