Building a Filter Holder for my Lumix 7-14

I did a blog post recently on acquiring a LUMIX G Vario 7-14 to replace the functionality of the Nikon 14-24. Honestly, I didn’t expect the quality of the Lumix that costs about roughly $1000 to hold up against a Nikon at roughly $2000 but I was surprised. My go to lens theses days is the Lumix 7-14 on a GX7. It is light, small and versatile. But, and mean a big BUT, there is no easy way to attach a neutral density filter or polarizing filter onto the lens.

I researched a couple options. One option that looked good was the peanut butter lid hack and the rubber lens hood hack.  And then there is the most expensive item, the Fotodiox WonderPana 145 Filter Holder Special Kit which  includes a lens adapter and a  145mm  CLP filter for $250.

The following hack cost me cost me around  $50.

A Lumix 7-14 Lens Cap for $20

A 77mm Cokin P Series Lens Filter Holder – $7.00

A 77mm Cokin Circular Polorizer  (CPL)    $14.42

And a bunch of Cokin P Series Filters.   $10.00

I cut the top of a lens cap with a dental drill, sanded the cut edge and glued it to the Cokin P series filter holder.   The CPL and Filters slide onto the mount and the whole thing fits snugly and light tight to the lens.   You do lose a bit on the 77mm compared since it vingettes below 8mm compared to the 145mm filter holder  but the size differential is grea for that one stop.  Still, its super wide at 8mm and I want those filters when I shoot over water.  The sacrifice of that one stop is worth it for the portability of the whole kit vs the 145mm kit


P1030925 P1030913 P1030915 P1030916 P1030919 P1030923

P1020458 P1020449

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