Summer Maintenance

The grape canopy is getting a bit wild. Time to give them a trim. I removed some of the suckers and leaves to help the grapes ripen well, i culled and pruned some of the grape bunches. Removing some of the bottoms of the clusters makes the grapes bigger which is desirable especially for the table grapes. Also removing leaves to let the sun and air in reduces rot and fungus.

1. When shoots are 6 -12 inches long, thin them out to 6-8 shoots per foot of canopy.

2. Trim the foliage away from the grape clusters

3. Tuck in some of the long vines into the trellis

4. Trim back shoots with no clusters

5. Shorten the ones with grapes leaving 15 leaves beyond the grape.

6. For table grapes, after taming the vines, leave one cluster per shoot and snip off the bottom of the clusters to increase size.

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