The Lumix GH4 – A 4K for us Flyfishermen

ScreenShot006There are lots of adjectives floating around the internet to describe the spectacular Panasonic Lumix GH4 but Ill bet mine unique. The Camera is fishable. It seems if I were to make a wishlist for a perfect video still camera that takes spectacular stills and video, is water resistant, small enough to fit comfortably in a fanny pack or sling this is the perfect camera. A couple years ago, I was shleping a Nikon D700 with DX 24-70 lens up and down the river and over the flats. With the advent of Micro 4/3 cameras, I felt the camera gods were doing me a solid by shrinking the quality of the full size sensor cameras into a compact mirror less camera. Look at these features. With the 12 stops of dymanic range, the tremendous resolution and the slow motion overcranking options to shoot 108op up to 96fps, the Lumix GH4 is in a class of its own. At $1700, its the best bang for the buck for ANY camera.

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