Ducks go Quack, Bears go Groan…..

I estimate we’ve spent around $400,000 between Cal and Oregon. Tuition at Cal and Oregon should come with a couple complimentary primo seats for at least one football game. If they did, this would be it. Gina and I went to the first college game to be played at Levi Stadium last night and we got two of the best seats in the house. Who knew that a Handicap would be the keys to the kingdom when it came to seats at Levi. We even shared our opportunity with two of our close friends, as we watched the Ducks route CAL 59-41. Cal is the most improved team in college football in my opinion. In the first quarter, they were leading but crashed and burned in the second half. Mariota threw 326 yards and 5 touchdowns and Oregon is now number 6 in the college standing and still the best bet for a Pac12 team to make the National Playoffs. What’s with pollsters putting Michigan above Oregon? Oregon Beat Michigan!

Levi Stadium is something to behold. I was able to stream the World Series game on the local free WIFI but it was still choppy compared to the LTE which was smoother. We were very disappointed with the LEVI stadium in general . We were misinformed so many times when asking for help that we never knew if we were hearing the truth. The event information was very ambiguous about the parking having closed Tasman Avenue for the entire event. The only Handicap parking available was in Green Lot 1 which is located on the opposite corner of our seats. Getting a shuttle or wheel chair takes and hour. The ushers got lost trying to get us to our field level seats and it took forever to get back to our car after the event even leaving 5 minutes early. It took 40 minutes to have them call a wheelchair for us. The Stadium can get very cold and windy just like the old Candlestick days! Bring Blankets. Also, the handbag rule is a joke. One gate keeper approved the purse sizes the girls had, and when we got to another gate after standing in a long line, the same purses were rejected based on size and we had to step out and put the purse in the car. They sell a clear bag that is stadium approved that you can stuff you junk in that I highly recommend you buy. The Pac 12 Championship game will be played at Levi Stadium on Friday Dec 5th. My money is on Oregon VS USC but then things always get insane at the end. I think Ill buy one of those clear purses and score the tickets early. If Oregon Chokes at the end, ill resell them.

We got to the stadium at 4:00 because we read that it would be open from 4:00 to 6:45. As it turns out the actual time it was open was at 5:00 when the gates open till 7:00 (kickoff). We were told by one usher that you can’t access the museum once you park in the lot and that you could enter the stadium and access the museum from within the stadium. Once we entered the park at 5:00, we tried to walk over to the museum and the ushers told us we could not access the Museum from within the stadium. No one really knows. Turns out, that you can access the museum once you enter the grounds by walking around the stadium outside concourse that is still technically inside the stadium.

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