The Tree is in the House…

IMG_5429With the family back home for Thanksgiving, its been busy these last weeks.  Gina cooked her traditional Turkey and we had a great feast- thankful for our health and family.  Nick was missing this year due to a medical emergency at 98 year old.  Im afraid it is time for him to consider Long Term Skilled Nursing.  Gina and I are learning the VA and MediCare System and trying to get him the best care possible with his current finances.   Currently he is at the Almaden Health and Rehab Center in Los Gatos–a highly rated facility recommended by my mother who did her rehab for knee surgery there a couple years ago.  Every day has been on call for Nick as he transitions from his home to hospital to rehab and to wherever his physicians recommend.  It’s enlightening to  go through this process when it comes to planning our own transition when the time comes.  Its also very sad.

I haven’t fished the Delta in three weeks now and it is hard to hear about how well my neighbors are doing up there.  The fishing has slowed a bit since my last trip but they continue to have good days with double digit numbers and some fish from 5-8 lbs,   It seems that many of the Sugar Barge crowd take off after Dec.  Im going to try the Delta from Dec to April.  It cant be worse than San Luis.  Hopefully Ill get up to Sugerbarge this weekend if the rain lets up.   Bill SIler, my neighbor is leaving this weekend.  I’m bumbed that I wont fish with him again this season.

Today is Mia’s 24th Birthday .  Tonight we have reservations at Chez Panisse to celebrate.

We managed to find a couple beautifull christmas trees high up in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  I still can saw a tree better than Mark but I definitly need his help carrying the lumber to the car and lifting it.  We went with a 12 foot tree this year that fits in the family room  perfectly.  This year we are going to experiment with Laser lights on the front yard trees.  Hopefull we won’t get a ticket for interfering with airplane traffic overhead .


The Thanksgiving Day Football game of the day almost made me throw up.  The 49rs just cant seem to get it together as they loose to the Seattle Seahawks at Levy Stadium.   What a disappointment and especially with Sherman’s two interceptions.  Watching him brag and eat turkey on the 49r Logo was pathetic and made me nauseous.  The College playoffs took a turn for the weird with UCLA loosing to Standford and Arizona beating Arizona State to win the Pac 12 South.  Next weeks Pac12  Championship game will be a rematch with Oregon.  I am personally glad that it comes down to a rematch with Arizona to show the world that the Oct loss was a fluke due to massive injuries and bad officiating.  What better way to show the committee that Oregon deseves to be in the top 4 by beating the only team that they lost to this year.   No other top 4 team gets a rematch with there loss rival before the playoffs.  I dont want to jinx it, because we still have the Civil War this weekend agains Corvalis.   Anything can happen .   Two more “W” and we are in !   GO Ducks.



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