The Sweet Smell of Roses…

Its been a long time in the making but a west coast team is in the Final Four playoff for the national title.  The Ducks have won the Pac 12 championship   Not only did they show the world they are nearly unbeatable,   they showed the world that the one loss to Arizona on Oct 2 was a fluke due to bad calls (remember the illegal celebration call) and injured players.  There is no other way to look at the 51-13 massacre of Arizona.  The Ducks now have only to prove that they are the number one team in the country.  With four victories over top 25 teams in the best conference (most top ranked teams) while dominating every win averaging 30 point beat downs vs Alabama’s 5 wins over top 25 teams but almost loosing several of them, it comes down to how you win  vs how many you win.   The ducks are superior in that respect.   It doesn’t really mater at this point as long as the Duck’s make the playoffs. With the soon to be Heisman Winner at the helm of the Duck Machine,  its hard to think that it won’t be the best effort in Oregon History this next month.  The opportunity is now at hand for the Pac12 to prove itself against the SEC.  Sunday, the committee announces its final four on television.and it will be interesting to see who gets in.

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