O’Neill Forebay Stripers playing hard to get…

One thing for sure is that the fish are there and some big ones too,  according to the fish finders on three boats.   Vaughn , Steph and I hit the Forebay hard today on the first calm day in two weeks  I had high expectations for today but between our  three boats, only a handful of fish were landed despite large schools of fish and bait all over the place.   On one good note,  Steph got a forebay personal best 8 lbr today in the morning.   Richard and I ended up with 8 fish and only one keeper.  We had lots of short strikes with schools of  fish following the fly right to the boat.    I spent the day rotating flies and fishing different lines trying to figure it our to no avail.  There were some great schools of fish in the deep water and we did manage to get a couple from them but it was no where near two weeks ago when you could almost guarantee 2-3 fish out of every school.    The weeds are not to the top yet like they were last year this time,  but soon the weeds should start rearranging the fish putting them on the weed lines.    Vaughn got some on the weed lines today and we scored a couple on the channel edge near the rock wall. Again, the wind was very flukey. WHen we got there, it was blowing 15mph at the ranger station. Once in, it was calm around the boat launch. Once we all arrived at the slot, it was hard to stand in the boat and we were all thinking that it would be a short day. It did flatten out around 9:00 till about 2:00 when we got blown off the water. The solonar tables only showed a mediocre day which turned out to be right on, and Steph go the big one right on the peak of the solonar. Magic? Who knows but fishing was great two weeks ago during the full moon on the solonar peaks. It was 4 stars then to 2 stars yesterday.



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