A Good Friday

Friday March 30, 2018 -I definitely feel like March was the month of a thousand casts per fish. I use to think that a good day on San Luis was at least a fish or two (or action) every half hour. Today I averaged a fish every hour and a half. Fishing from 8-4, I caught a total of 6 fish including three 5 lbrs and an 8 lbr. Temperatures were in the low 70s on the lake and I got a sunburn after stripping down to my t-shirt. I was freezing cold last weekend. I kept two more fish for Gina. We’ve been observing lent for the last 6 weeks and eating San Luis Stripers. Although Gina never complains about my weekly fishing, it helps if I bring home a fish or two and cook it for her. Happy wife, happy life.

As I pulled up to the Basalt Launch, I noticed a large school of Shad right off the launch. I played around with them for awhile but couldn’t get them to eat. It is time to put a shad setup in the boat. Catching Shad in the lake is great when you have the opportunity. They pull so hard and they run big in the lake. Years ago I caught a 6 lb shad on my striper rig and I though it was a huge striper the way it fought. I like the indicator method the best.


I fished the east side today. Based on the video from last week, I decided to try the shallows around the Bay of Pigs in the morning. Working the very edges of the shoreline slowly, I picked up two nice fish in the shallows. The solonar tables indicated that noon was the magic hour and I wanted to be working the face of the dam by noon. Starting at Dave’s Rock, I worked my way up to Guardrail and caught 4 more fish, one 25 incher. The fish on the dam like a sinking fly. Typically a few hard strips and then wait 10 seconds for the hit is how I fish the dam. The water was warmer than last week at 56 degrees.

One of the fish today came in with another bigger fish along side. A couple weeks ago when the same thing happened, the second fish stayed with the hooked fish all the way to the boat. I thought how cool it might be to have another rod ready in case it happened again. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the other fish to bite. I was too slow.

After noon, things got slow at the Trash Racks and Romero. I decided to go try Mouse Ears and ended up fishing from there all the way to the end of Portugese Bay with out a hit. Vaughn and Mark K. fished from 1-5 and got ten between them and caught fish in Mouse Ears fishing deep right after I had left. All in all it was a fine day to fish. Im thinking about fishing the Forebay this Monday or next week.

Loan Oak Bay

Serpentine Fire is a yoga meditation concept that refers to getting the Kundalini energy to rise through the chakras. Its the opening of the Third Eye…also known as the inner eye or Serpent Fire. More of an out-of-body experiences of higher consciousness. I relate it to bringing your “A” game to San Luis when the fishing gets challenging. Also, a great name for a new fly.

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  1. As someone new to striper fishing I learn something from each of your posts Meng – thanks. Looking forward to an inaugural trip to San Luis at the end of the month so right now reading your posts and watching the video is the next best thing.

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