Camping at HMB – a New Christmas Tradition

December 5-6, 2020 -We have only made a few camping reservations this year.  The first two were in March and April when the first shelter in place order was given in California.  The week the campgrounds  opened up again,  we were lucky enough to make a quick reservation.  each trip we have learned more about our Lance Trailer and I think I finally  have the hitch at the right heights and the anti sway control tuned perfectly.   When everything is perfect, the trailer tows as light as a feather.   We brought XMAS lights to enhance our canopy.   Gina managed to get a couple nights and our friends Bob and Marianne joined us for one of those nights with there trailer in an adjacent site.

We had a great two days of camping at Half Moon Bay despite the flukey winds . We love the way everyone is in the Christmas Spirit around the campground this time of year.   I think we are going to plan a weekend every year at the campground if we can.   Those reservations will have to be made 6 months in advance in July.   The canopy has seen better days and some high winds messed it up a little.  It may be time for a new one soon.   We used a hot water boiler instead of our coffee and tea machines with better success.   I think we are going to bail on the nespresso machine and the Kureg.   Also we tried out some new camp chairs   a rocking camp chair and an high back sling chair.   Both were really comfortable.  Bob and Marianne joined us for a campfire our first night and we caught up .  It was great to see our old friends.  With many of our friends retiring and moving,  camping trips are the only way to catch up these days.   I spent some time at the driving range now that I have inherited my sons old golf clubs.   They will definitely help my game but I will need to practice with them.   Governor Newsom ordered a more strict lockdown to begin next week and we thought perhaps our camping plans would be cancelled again but the Mayor of  San Mateo is anti lockdown and business as usual in Half Moon Bay. Take a look at the catalog of camping equipment Altitude Sports has to offer for you on their site.

I had a chance to read Henry Cowen’s new book  Fly Fishing for Freshwater Striped Bass.    I have to say it is the best book on freshwater stripers that I have read to date.  There are lots of references to San Luis Reservoir in this book and I can relate from experience that Henry knows what he is talking about  when he says that stripers dont know where they live and act the same in  lakes all over the US.   Especially enlightening is his list of the Best Freshwater Lake Striped Bass lakes in the US.   It seems that there are some great lakes near Charleston where Mia lives.    This book may have found the perfect place to move to in retirement for us.

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