Spring Break with Mark 2007 – I have to take Oxycodone

Snow in April!  We packed for heat and fished in rain and snow.   Mark and I took a trip to the Bidwell Ponds in Lasson County to excersize some trout over spring break.  The high point of the trip was when I accidentally lit my self on fire priming the carburator of our motorhome when our engine failed to run one day.  Luckily he put me out with a fire extinguisher and I only sustained second degree burns.  We didnt come home though–good first aid.  Also we hooked up with Roger and his son for a few days….great trip.  Mark caught a 20 inch fish on a size 20 blood midge.

Remember how I told you my arm was hurting after the last time? Well it was odd, because I didn’t particularly remember banging it on something or even getting pulled too hard. From what the doctor tells me it is a common injury given what I do though. I have to buy oxycodone on line and take it for a couple of weeks, as well as rest the arm. So I’m going to be taking a bit of time off as health just has to come first. I will be back though, and soon!

Check this Osprey with Two Trout in its talons.  I wonder if he caught the at the same time or separately

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