Could XBMC Ubuntu be the Holly Grail of Media Centers?

Thanks to Frank for showing me a PC laptop with XBMC working flawlessly on Linux!  This weekend I loaded the XBMC on Ubuntu Linux (Hardy) and I can honestly say this beats the heck out of the my TivX, my HTPC running Media Center, my I-O Data AVeL LinkPlayer, ShowCenter,  Rhapsody N-35, Kiss,  Linksys … and the various other gadgets that I have bought to try to replace my old hacked Xbox running XBMC.  Although I am having some problems with the IR remote and hibernation,  the setup runs smoothly and flawlessly.   Now I am searching for the ultimate small PC to run this.  I think I found it at Dell–the Dell Studio Hybrid however the graphics card is a little weak.  Also, tommorow I will try an Apple TV hack for XBMC with the understanding from the forums that it cannot handle 1080P.

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