D7000- New Video Standard Equipment

I doesn’t seem that long ago that I was neck deep in HDV tapes.  Then came the Xacti HD sd card cams.   What Ive come to respect, editing video these last years, is a better appreciation for bitrate over resolution.  There are major differences between 1080p videos taken with a flip camera vs a video DSLR.  Better codecs and higher capture bitrates are where its at.  There is no doubt that Canon 5DmkII set the stage for a revolution in affordable high end HD videography–episodes of HOUSE and 24 were shot with this camera.   Video DSLRs have become the standard for budget minded professionals and inde film makers.

Since I am heavily invested in NIKON glass,  you can understand how anticipated the arrival of the Nikon D7000 has been.
Check out the new rig.

JAG 35 Offset shoulder rig

A follow Focus KIT  the D Focus V3

7 inch HDMI monitor (to better focus)

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