CalTV”s Mia Syn covers the Occupy Berkeley Movement

Mia Syn–reporter for CALTV– covers the Occupy Berkeley Protest. What is with this hatred of wealthy people? I was informed that the 1% is defined as those with an adjusted gross income of $343,927 or more. That is about 1.4 million people (of which doesn’t include me and I don’t hate them). Doesn’t that 1% pretty much make up people who employ the majority of the 99%. If they weren’t rich  (after paying more taxes)   they wouldn’t employ. Are we talking about a socialist revolution in America?

The one percent represents about 17% of all taxable income in the US when you combine all their earnings but they pay 37% of the total of all taxes paid in the US. Its interesting to also note that the middle income in America is $31,400–this is the top 50% of all earners.



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