3-3-13 at Club 33

19698club33After 30 years of hope and anticipation,  thanks to a great friend,  we were given the opportunity to have dinner at Disneyland’s  Mysterious Club 33.  For those who have never heard of this club,  it is a private club located in the heart of New Orleans Square at 33 Royal Street.  Club rooms that make up club 33 were actually part of a second apartment that he was building for him and his family.  The other apartment is located above the firehouse.  The kitchen of club 33 was the private kitchen to his apartment that was located where the old art gallery was over Pirates of the Caribbean.  Initially the club only had corporate members but after Walt’s death individual memberships were offered.  There are 500 members of Club 33 with only half being individual memberships.  There is 14 year waiting list with 800 people on it as of today.  Individual membership cost $10K with  $4K annual dues and someone has to die in order for the waiting list to move.  Inside the club are lots of Disney memorabilia. In the lobby is an old antique wooden elevator ( a French Lift)  that Walt had made when he saw it in Paris. The restaurant has two main rooms–the main dinning room and the trophy room.  The two rooms are joined by a hallway (where the bar is located) and extends over Royal street to the main dinning room.  The balconies of the dinning room look out at the Blue Bayou.   In side the trophy room are  audio-animatronic  stuffed birds and animals.  Disney hid microphones in the chandeliers in this room so he could have the animals discuss topics that were overheard at the dinner tables.   The trophy room has a  framed rifle signed by Fess Parker (Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett) ,  There is marble sofa table that was in the movie Marry Poppins. The table was located in the entryway of the Bates house in the movie.  In the hallway there is a  wooden phone booth that was in the movie ‘The Happiest Millionaire”.  There is also a harpsichord custom that was  built for Lillian Disney for use in Club 33. Elton John and Paul McCartney are rumored to have performed on it.

We had a very nice meal in the main dinning room. Gina ordered salmon and I had a great steak. The food was the best we have ever had in the Park and it reminded us of Palo’s on the Disneyship Wonder. We drank champagne and had the apple cobbler and creme brulee for  dessert.   We spent about 21/2 hours dining and our waiters were great–just what you would expect from Disney. We finished the night using a pair of fast passes for the Cars ride in California Adventure before calling it a night.  We had one of the best days ever at Disneyland.


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One thought on “3-3-13 at Club 33

  1. Hey Meng and Gina,

    Really cool! We’re so envious. Jayne’s brother was going to try to get us in there until he left Disney. Sounds really neat.


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