A weekend at Seascape

Our good friends Delene and Duane invited us to Seascape this weekend.  The Girls spent the rainy weekend scrap-booking while Duane and I caught up with some movies. The rain paused shortly and we got a chance to walk the beach .

I had a chance to experiment with the Lumix GX7  with the Lumix G Vario 1:14/7-14.  Playing with the multiple exposure bracketing set at 5:1,  I used Photomatix to build some HDR photography.

I use to fish this streach of Rio Del Mar for Surf Perch in the old days.  The access to the beach through the old railroad trestle brought back some great memories of fishing with my dad. I remember fishing this beach with him the day that the Challenger Space Shuttle blew up at takeoff.  It was  January 28, 1986,  We found a bunch of perch in an undertow hole in the beach.  We cleaned it out.  It was one of the best days we ever had on the beach.

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